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Portal Fanworks

this was a triumph

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this was a triumph
Inspired by a thread on portalkink. This is the place to post your Portal fanworks! Including fanfiction, art, videos, essays, etc.


1. Don't be a jerk. In your comments, please don't engage in hurtful, homophobic, racist, sexist, or any kind of -ist language. I figure we're all mature, friendly people, so this should be easy, right?

2. If there is a disagreement, please contact a mod. For now, I'm the only mod (gertie_flirty) but feel free to PM me if there are any problems. Notifications go straight to my email, which goes straight to my phone, so I'll be sure to resolve any issues as quickly as I can.

3. Any genre, pairing, or rating is welcome. Het, slash, gen, PG or NC-17 stuff is all welcome.

4. Please stay on topic. Crossovers are more than welcome, as are AU fanstuffs, however, they should all contain at least one character/concept/theme of the Portal games, even if it's just "Han Solo has a Portal gun! What will this mean for the Jedi?"

5. Discussion posts are welcome, but should actually encourage discussion. If you have questions or want to talk about specific points of the game, feel free. However, the community does not need thirty posts along the lines of, "I saw a cake today! It's funny because the cake is a lie! :DDDD"

6.Use a cut. Please post long text posts (use your best judgement), all NSFW material (images and fanfiction included), and all large images (bigger than 400 x 400) behind a cut.

7. When posting fanfiction, please use this code:

No one's forcing you to use trigger warnings, but it is a common courtesy and we highly encourage you to do so. If you don't use warnings, please state that you don't use them. If no warnings are applicable, then don't worry about it.

8. When posting fanart, you don't have to use the layout above. But it would be nice if you did something similar, so people have a general idea of what they're looking at.

9.Please tag your entries!</b> I'm working on making tags, so tags will be added as needed.

. . . all right. That seems like enough rules for now. Any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions can be PM'ed to me. :)